Formal Mission Statement

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Create a Philosophy Statement
Create a Vision Statement/Strategic Plan
Conduct an Annual Assessment

1. Create a Philosophy Statement

Definition: a declaration of the general objectives and principles of an organization, oftentimes its one defining sentence.

Website Help: How to write a mission statement

Example: “The mission of the Mankato Area Youth Baseball Association is to provide youth ages 6 to 18 in our community an opportunity to have fun playing and learning the game of baseball within a family oriented environment while at the same time developing lifelong habits of physical fitness, teamwork, personal growth, good sportsmanship, and sound character.”

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2. Create a Vision Statement/Strategic Plan

Definition: how to achieve goals set forth in your philosophy (mission) statement.

    Keep goals realistic when developing them.

Example: Five year strategic plan

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3. Conduct an Annual Assessment

    The Board of Directors should revisit the mission and strategic plan at the end of every season/year. Collectively determining if it is still relevant, realistic, and feasible. At that time, items can be added, removed, or further defined/clarified.

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